A Strong Byzantine Woman: Anna Dalassene


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Anna Dalassene was the grandmother of Anna Komnene, one of the most famous women historians of all time, author of the Alexiad. As a little girl, Anna K loved hearing her father’s stories about how strong and smart her grandma was. In this story, Anna Dalassene outfoxes two envoys sent by her enemy, Emperor Botaneiates, who wants to bring her and her ladies in for questioning.


Capunz — The Master Cat


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Capunz -- The Master Cat

Once upon a time there lived a musician named Flurin who traveled from town to town playing his lute in the streets. It was a hard way to earn a living, and he was barely able to feed himself and his cat, Capunz.

After an especially long day, Flurin counted the coins in his hat and groaned.

“Master, master,” meowed Capunz. “Why not give me the lute to sell, for I have a plan, and pretty soon you’ll forget that you were ever poor or sad.”


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