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imagesFirst a big thank you to Marko Kitti who invited me along on this fun Character Blog Tour. I always love to share a good laugh with him. Speaking of laughs, you can read all about HIS character, JESPER JINX on Marko’s blog and purchase both JESPER JINX books on Amazon. You can also connect with him on Twitter @MarkoKitti

And now for my character…



What is the name of your character? Little Sea Horse. He’s the star of an ebook I wrote & illustrated for age 2 and up. When & where is the story set? It takes place in an underwater world of fantasy and mythology. What should we know about LITTLE SEA HORSE? He’s fun-loving and curious and willing. What messes up his life? His parents are swept away in a giant wave. What is the personal goal of LITTLE SEA HORSE? He needs to find his parents. Can we read more about him? YES! You can purchase the story on uTales, a cool electronic picture book platform.


Please also take a look at the trailer to see if you or someone you know might enjoy it!

And now, I’d like to introduce the next participants in the “Meet My Character” Blog Tour, whose posts you can read on October 13th: Book Signing

I met Patricia Keeler in a masterclass taught by Monica Wellington at the School For Visual Arts, & I was impressed right away by her lively characters and her success as an illustrator and author of picture books.

Visit her blog “I Like Books with Pictures” and connect with her on Twitter @patriciakeeler1

I was delighted to get to know Megan Smit‘s illustrations & y9-h0xVX_400x400writing at the most recent Twitter #pitmad where writers pitch their ideas to agents and editors. Megan’s character was so amusing and vivid.

Visit her blog and connect with her on Twitter @TheSmittlyJotter