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I needed to take a creative break from work and rediscovered floorcloths. I started making them about 20 years ago and love them. They are fairly easy to do and surprisingly versatile. I get a roll of 12 or 14 oz primed cotton canvas and cut out pieces, usually for table runners, pet bowl mats or door/kitchen sink/shoe mats.


I paint with acrylic, often using characters from my stories. Then a coat or two of varnish and outline with a sharpie and another coat of varnish. Here’s one for my cats’ bowls:


And my front door WELCOME mat:


I put some plastic, grippy carpet stuff under the mats so they stay in place and feel a little cushy under your feet. AND…you clean them with your favorite spray cleaner. Easy. Once I finish the elephants and the cats in the second picture, I’ll do a #giveaway on Twitter to celebrate :))